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Currently, we are not giving lessons, thank you for your interest. Please check out our 3on3 or 5on5 leagues for basketball skill development.

Elite Playmakers provides the instruction players need to become better, whether they're just starting out, are on middle school or high school teams, or are entering college. Instruction incorporates all areas of the game, not shooting baskets alone. We develop all the specific skills needed to produce well-rounded players. We design dynamic, intense drills focused on improving skills and building confidence so your son or daughter can become an Elite Playmaker.

Adam's fresh approach and passion for the game of basketball -- he's not shy about getting on the court with the athletes he's training -- motivate players to reach higher.

Through 50-minute sessions one, two or three times per week at the Rochester Community Technical College Fieldhouse, we teach individuals or small groups, ages 8 to college-age. Individual lessons are tailored to skill level, not just the age of the player. Groups must be formed by the players and sign up together. Sessions are available year-round.

Elite Playmakers also offers whole-team services for coaches. We will scout your team and design practices to correct team weaknesses and develop strengths. Coach Adam Girtman was a Division II starter at the University of Minnesota -- Morris and coached boys basketball at Century High School. He brings his skills and a fresh perspective to the court, allowing him to challenge individual players and teams to be their best. Players improve their skills, and teams learn how to work together to their best advantage.

Training includes:


  • Shooting (B.E.L.I.E.F. shooting method)
  • Ball handling
  • Footwork/pivoting
  • Movement off the ball
  • Offensive rebounding


  • On the ball defense
  • Rebounding

Speed and quickness

We also teach the mental side of the game, encouraging the confidence and quick thinking that are essential to success on the court.

Players are placed in one of three different levels based on age.

Playmaker Division is for athletes ages 8 through 13, who may schedule one session per week. Lessons are available for individuals or small groups up to 6 players.

High School Division is for athletes entering grades 9-12, who may attend one or two sessions each week. Lessons are available for individuals or small groups up to 6 players.

Elite Division is for varsity players ages 16 to 18 who desire to take their game to the next level. They are athletes who will be sophomore, junior or senior varsity basketball players who have aspirations of playing college basketball. Individuals or pairs of players may schedule up to three sessions per week.


All sessions are 50 minutes long.

Playmaker Division: Boys and Girls (1 time per week)

Ages Group Size Pricing per Session
8 to 9 Individual
2 to 6
10 to 11 Individual
2 to 6
12 to 13 Individual
2 to 6

High School Division: Boys and Girls entering grades 9 through 12 (1 or 2 time(s) per week)

Ages Group Size Pricing per Session
14 to 16 Individual
2 to 6

Elite Division: Boys and Girls who will be sophomore, junior or senior varsity players (up to 3 times per week)

Ages Group Size Pricing per Session
16 to 18 1 to 2 $65

Pricing as of 8/26/2013